The Process

Before we can offer mortgage advice, and in all instances, we must disclose our status. This is a regulatory requirement and by issuing terms, you will see exactly what you can expect from Cornerstone Mortgages.

Our terms of business, consent form and fee agreement will detail exactly the level of service we provide, how we use your personal information and the level of fees (if any) that we charge. Only by receiving these, are you able to determine whether Cornerstone Mortgages is the right mortgage broker for you. If you are happy with our terms, we can then discuss your personal requirements in more detail.

The initial meeting is often informal and takes place either over the phone or by appointment. During this meeting, we will listen and try to get a full understanding of your needs and objectives and offer guidance on how we might be able to assist. Of course, much depends on what it is that you’re trying to achieve, but if we can, we’d like to help. At this stage, there is still no commitment to use Cornerstone Mortgages nor are any fees payable.

If you’re happy to proceed and would like to submit a mortgage application, then things become a little more formal. It’s at this point that we’d like to see some documentation. Financial services are a regulated industry so passports, payslips and bank statements are standard requirements for a mortgage broker. These will allow us to formalize our advice and to make a product recommendation. If you are happy with our product recommendation, we will use the personal information obtained in one of our earlier meetings, to submit an application on your behalf.